Interview with author Perry Lake

Imagine if you will, you’re deep into a horror story replete with ghouls, goblins and gore, and you begin to wonder who are these people? I mean, seriously? Who can think up all those creepy, goblinesque, highly imaginative worlds and characters?

So, I decided, of course, let’s interview one of these authors. Let’s see what he’s made of. As luck would have it, I know such a character, I mean writer.

Please welcome horror author Perry Lake.

Perry Lake is the author of THE LEGEND OF DRACULA, LEGEND OF FRANKENSTEIN, and GHOULS AMONGST US series.  More available at


Do you ever write naked?

I do all kinds of things naked.


Would your life story make an interesting book?

No.  I’m a boring guy.


What genre do you write?  What is it about that genre that attracts you?

Horror is my life.  From the age of five, when I saw my first horror film (Universal’s “House of Frankenstein”), I loved the classic monsters.  That love only continues to grow.  Halloween is my favorite holiday and I write horror, predominantly.  Via supernatural literature, authors can say things about the human condition that would be unacceptable or ignored in any other genre.

I’m not as horrifying as the characters I write about.  Really, I’m not.


Have you ever written yourself as a character in one of your books?

I would not make a very interesting character.  See the above answer about being boring.  But I suppose a bit of myself must enter my main characters.  My versions of Dracula, Victor Frankenstein, the Monster of Frankenstein, and Hugo Krantz are all very driven characters who let nothing stand in the way of their goals.  I’m like that with my writing and my hobbies.  Hugo is sarcastic and loves art and literature.  Edgar is slovenly and unashamed of it.


Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Writing definitely energizes me, especially when it’s going well.  Finishing a story leaves me with a feeling of euphoria, like sex.  Better than sex, actually.

If writing ever becomes a chore or drudgery, I will stop doing it.


What authors are you friends with and how do they help you become a better writer?

This is an excellent question.  I have found a handful of up and coming authors whose works I admire greatly and they feel much the same about mine.  Nuzo Onoh, “The Queen of African Horror” writes tales of witchcraft and hauntings set in her native Nigeria.  I love to learn about other cultures and I love great horror and Nuzo delivers both.  Our mutual friend, Eden Royce, sets her tales of horror in the Deep South, a locale that easily lends itself to horror.  She has great insights into that culture and mind set.  John Huber goes deeper into the mind of madness than any author I have ever read.  His books are filled with axe murderers and demons and torture.  His books have turned more than a few stomachs.  But like a car crash, you can’t look away.  I’d love to meet him some day but I’m not sure I’d like to sleep in the same house with him.

These three and a few others all went out of their way to say nice things about my books and to promote my work on Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook.  They’ve also given me good advice on my writing and my


What books have you written?

I have written ten books so far; seven of them are in print.  I have three books in my Legend of Dracula series (VAMPIRE WARS, BRIDES OF DRACULA, and DRACULA ARISEN) and four in the Frankenstein series (THE NIGHTMARE OF FRANKENSTEIN, MONSTER OF THE WORLD, MONSTER OF THE EAST, and FRANKENSTEIN VS. THE MARTIANS).  The first two books in my Ghouls Amongst Us series (GOBLINS & GHOULS and HUGO KRANTZ) are finished and should be published soon.  I also wrote a Sword & Sorcery book as a teenager that will hopefully never see publication.  Years ago, I wrote and illustrated the amateur comic books, CASSIOPEIA THE WITCH and RAWLINS, THE LAST TOUGH COP, and a few one-shots.  I’m now turning some of the best stories from those series into prose collections, and I have plans for more books.


How do you write?

I get more writing done at work than anywhere else.  The job gives me just enough exercise to get the blood pumping to my brain and out of an eight-hour shift, I have about four hours to do anything I want—so mostly I write.  Where I work, there’s no Internet access and no distractions.  Of course, I need to write more than those few hours, but that’s consistently the most productive time.  Plus, the double-dipping factor is cool.


Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just seeing where an idea takes you?

Mostly I work from a plot or an outline.  Sometimes I find myself writing based on just a list of things that happen but that often leads to meandering prose that end up needing a ton of editing to get to the real story.  Curiously, some of my most exciting stories (and everyone agrees those are among the best stories I’ve written), were written in a fiery rush, where I just got a sudden idea and typed into the wee hours with hardly any idea where I was going.  But I’ve tried that other times and the story just trudged.  So for me, it’s best to have a roadmap most of the time.


What are you currently working on?

My next book is the second installment of my Ghouls Amongst Us series, entitled HUGO KRANTZ.  Continuing my tales of ghouls and goblins, I now introduce Hugo Krantz.  Hugo is an urbane ghoul, well-educated and well-mannered.  When he eats someone’s corpse he does so at a dining table with candlelight and a fine wine.  I call these horror stories, but most of them in this series are either adventures or humorous tales, albeit with the trappings of horror.


Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will discover?



How can readers discover more about you and your work?




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Thank you for your time Perry Lake, and giving us an insight into what horror authors are really like. You seem like such a normal guy – hehehehe.