Subjective psi deja vu research survey

Research survey

Do you ever experience deja vu? Does it happen a lot or not so much? I would love to find out about your personal experiences. If you can spare a few minutes, there is a subjective psi deja vu research survey on the site. 

And here’s why.

Currently in the works is a non-fiction book based on a new theory of déjà vu, so naturally, I put together a survey to collect data. So, if you love the paranormal or just want to be a part of history in this first-ever subjective psi deja vu research survey, then head on over to and share your experiences.

A little about the phenomenon.

There are 72 proposed explanations for deja vu. One is Einstein’s theory of different realms momentarily crossing. Personally, I like this idea because it does touch on the paranormal, and if you’re like me, the moment deja vu occurs it feels as though I’ve walked through a cloud or wormhole. Plus, I don’t buy the idea that the feeling of deja vu is insignificant, meaningless and a figment of overactive imaginations as some people think.

Vernon Neppe has broken down deja vu into four subtypes and they include 1. Temporal Lobe Epileptic, 2. Psychotic, 3. Associative (for the normal population) and 4. Subjective psi.

Not one for being “normal”, I’m focusing my research on the paranormal (psi) deja vu. Whether you are normal or not, if you have deja vu and want to be included, then take the survey.

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