Could you live through an apocalypse?

From my front yard.

Could you live through a modern-day apocalypse?

What would you do? How would you handle yourself? Could you live through it?

A typical scenario:

You wake up one morning and go about your normal routine, life being predictable.
Outside you hear a boom! What the hell? You step outside to check out what’s going on. A massive gray cloud is beginning to cover the town. Your front lawn looks like it’s covered with a thin blanket of snow.

Fluttering from the sky falls a piece of singed newspaper. What the…? Mark and Mary, your neighbors across the street, are loading stuff into their car. You wave, but they don’t see you.

Then you realize: that giant gray mass is smoke, your lawn is covered in ash, and your neighbors know something you don’t.

That’s a big fire. Wonder what’s burning? You turn your tv on just to realize the power is now out. Damn, that’s a fine pickle. Now what? Your cell phone. No worries, how many times has this happened before? Where’d I leave the phone?

Inside your home, it’s getting harder to see. Opening up the curtains doesn’t help any; the sky is getting darker. It doesn’t feel like morning anymore. You feel around for your cell phone on the coffee table almost knocking over your cup of coffee. Not there. The bedroom. You face the hallway only to look into the darkness. No worries though, 15 years in the same house, you can walk blindfolded and be okay. Good thing.

You pat the nightstand down feeling for your phone. Ahh, there it is. Two missed calls and 5 texts. Jada: where r u. Mike: pick up your phone. Ray: call me. The little red light pops on, only five percent battery life left. Damn, should’ve plugged it in before playing the ocean sounds app last night. 

Another explosion outside, followed by another, and another. Bam, bam, bam comes from your front door. Jesus, what is going on? Running your hand across the wall as you move through the darkness of your home you make your way to the front door.

“What are you doing in your robe? You gotta go!” says your next door neighbor Pat. Ash lands on his shoulders as he stands on your front porch.

“Calm down, Pat. What’s going on?”

“There’s a fire coming. You’ve got to load up your shit and get out. We’re leaving right now.”

“This happens every other year. I load up my car and leave just to return two days later,” you say as you watch a glowing red dot swirl around your front yard before landing. Poof! A flame pops up on your lawn. Your dry, brown lawn. It’s November and the vegetation is in dire need of rainfall.

Five minutes later, you’re in your car (while still in your robe), you have your dead cell phone, no charger (you didn’t think to grab it), your wallet, and a quarter tank of gas. Two blocks from your house and this is what you see (an actual image of Paradise on fire.)

A town on fire. Photo courtesy of survivor Buck Wilken.


Your street intersects the main road out of town. Traffic is gridlocked like downtown Los Angeles at five pm. To your right Jack in the Box is engulfed in flames; the heat begins to penetrate your car. Boom! A blast from somewhere close by shakes your car. The day now looks like midnight, being lit by headlights and the orange glow of fires.

Now, what do you do?

What would you grab? Who would you call? And most importantly, where do you go?

Hopefully, you’ll never have to live through that type of nightmare, but an entire town did. And not just one town, but Pulga, Concow, Paradise, and Magalia, CA all were evacuated due to the Camp Fire of Nov. 8th, 2018. That we know of 85 didn’t make it out, and those are just the ones we know of.

Read about real survival stories in my upcoming book Courage in The Face of Fire.

The book will be available in November 2019, for the one year anniversary.

Could you survive an apocalypse? Keep your wits about you and you just might.

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