Quick and easy book marketing tips for the indie author

graph in a binder with a marketing plan
graph in a binder with a marketing plan
keep a calendar


As Indie authors we must learn and do the work of book marketing and promoting, for those of us who aren’t rich enough to pay to have it done that is. I don’t know about you, but I groan and complain about having to do it; it’s so much more fun to write creatively. Right? You’re nodding your head in approval, I can see it now.

It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or a drain. I promise.

One of my local writer’s groups had a meeting set specifically for sharing ideas on book marketing and promoting. Most of us are Indie authors so the ideas were straight to the point and easy to carry out, so I thought I’d share the list with you.

Book Marketing and Promoting for the self-published author

1. Set time aside each week to promote and market your books.

2. Use social media:

  • create pins on Pinterest that link to your author platform

  • create an author Facebook page

  • have a YouTube channel to showcase your videos or book trailers

  • tweet at least once a day

  • create an author page on Goodreads and join in groups/discussions

  • where ever your book is sold, have an author page and link it to your platform and social media whether it’s Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo the list goes on

  • answer comments and reviews (be sure to always keep it positive)

  • ask friends, family and other author friends to share your posts and tweets

  • if you are image heavy consider Instagram

  • join genre specific readers groups on Facebook

  • look into Wattpad

3. Have an author platform – whether it’s a website, blog or Facebook, have someway that readers can find you.

4. Sell on multiple sites: your platform, Amazon. Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Kobo,

5. Cross promote with other authors.

6. Reach out to book bloggers – offer to do a guest post, ask for a review, ask to interview them on your platform etc.

7. List you and your books on as many sites as you can, such as sites like Hometown Reads that promote authors by city or county. Find them on Facebook as well.

8. Write a list of every bookstore in your county. Talk with a manager or owner about running a mutually beneficial promotion. You can offer to do a book signing, ask if they have an area for promoting local authors, and offer to promote their bookstore on your platform. For small, independent bookstores you may need to make all of the marketing materials for your brand. If you design them well you can reuse them.

9. Along the same lines as number 8, but instead look up businesses in your area that sell products made by local talent.

10. Look for and participate in local book fairs or art fairs. Not able to find any? Start one.

11. Fiverr. Not sure what Fiverr is? It’s a site for finding other people to do work for you for cheap.

12. Pay someone.

13. Keep a marketing calendar. Plan out a promotion over the course of weeks and months.

14. Remember the tweet you sent out about your new book, or post? Send it again in a few days and again in another week.

15. Take advantage of covers (think Facebook, Twitter etc.) to hold an image of your new book or it’s title.

16. Word of mouth. Coming from your mouth first; you should be your best cheerleader, advocate, promoter. Tell your friends about your book and let your enthusiasm prompt them to be readers and fans.

 For a printable version click here.   http://www.paige1books.com/book-marketing-and-promoting2/

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As a writer, what marketing methods work for you?

5 Strategies to finding time to write your novel.

Finding time to write your novel

You love to write and you have a story swirling around in your head reeking chaos waiting to be unleashed, but how do you manage to write when you work?

Not only do you work a day job or two, you probably have kids or pets, a spouse or significant other, you like to sleep at some point, so how and where do you find the time to write your novel? It is no small task, after all, it could take a year or more to write. Who has a year as a block of time to write? I know I don’t. My guess is you don’t either.

But you are passionate about your story, it needs to be told. You’ve tried writing to do lists and that is helpful, you get a lot of things done, but not your writing. You think about quitting your day job to pursue your passion, but quickly realize that isn’t realistic. You like to eat and have a roof over your head. I get it.

Here are some tips on finding time to write your novel:

  • Keep paper & pen with you at all times – whenever you find yourself waiting (Dr’s office, on the bus, lunch break etc.) use that time to write, even if it’s just notes.
  • Invest in a digital recorder – when you are stopped at a light, stuck in traffic, on a long trip, lunch break etc., utilize that time. Sometimes you need your hands free and pen & paper won’t do.
  • Pull out your calendar – look over this week (one week blocks are realistic) and any day you have a block of time, even if it’s only 15 minutes, schedule that time for writing. Commit to that time for writing, nothing else, no dishes, no laundry, just writing.
  • Get up 30 minutes earlier – the house should be quiet and you’ve just created 30 minutes of creative time.
  • Stay up later – same concept as getting up earlier. Some people are early birds and some are night owls, find what works for you.

If you have longer blocks of time to write that’s great, but we don’t always have that luxury. And small blocks of time, such as 15 or 30 minutes here and there may not seem like much, but they add up. A paragraph and another paragraph eventually make a page, which eventually makes a chapter and turns into a book.

There are 5 strategies to finding time to write your novel.

How do you make time to write your story?



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