Book review: Partials by Dan Wells

Like all writers, I love to read, so I thought I would write a basic review as I finish each book. Here is my first book review: Partials by Dan Wells.

After a war with Partials (engineered beings that look like idealistic people), the human race is on the verge of extinction. The small governing body has written the Hope Act, which requires all people within their protected city limits, of age, to have babies in order to repopulate the human race. The only problem is – they all die.

After seeing every baby die from the Partial created RM virus, Kira, a medic in training, decides she can no longer watch. She must take action to find the cure and save mankind.

This story has a believable depiction of our future with a new definition of family, mother nature consuming man’s “civilized” cities, and a government trying desperately to maintain complete control over every citizen within its walls. Dan Wells shows us that ultimately man is the creator of his own demise.

Kira, Marcus, Madison, and Jayden are key players in this tale of the future. They are also all teens, making this a young adult book, with an adult theme. But don’t be expecting the characters to behave like the teens of today, that’s far from the truth. The future they live in requires everyone to grow up quickly, but Dan Wells manages to add just enough hints of emotional immaturity to make them all believable.

The book opens with a powerful scene; the death of an infant. Immediately we see the compassion and integrity of the main character Kira. This strength in his writing is why I bought the book. If it starts off with this much of a hook what is the rest of the book like, was my question. I do find it difficult to find books that grab my attention from page one and keep it to the end, so when I find one, it’s added to my library.

The story started off strong, but slowed down and began to lose my interest with too much description of their government, but picked up with a rocket in chapter 25. Dan throws a couple good knock’em down twists in there, it would have been nice to have one or two in some of the previous chapters.

The book seemed to lack enough conflict and friction to keep my riveted attention. There were hurdles for the characters to jump over to reach a goal, but just one. Things seemed to work out in their favor after one attempt. I would like to have seen more roadblocks for the characters.

All in all, an enjoyable book to read for a teen or adult, if you like science fiction and end of the world stories. At 468 pages it is a long story, but the protagonist did win my admiration and in the end, my sympathy. Dan Wells ends the book with questions begging to be answered in the sequel. Just the way I like my books to end.

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