Random acts of romance

Like most women I love romance! And so do men, I’m told.

So ladies and gents, I propose that you initiate a random act of romance every day. It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes of romance, it can be five minutes or twelve. The point is to let your partner know he or she is important. Isn’t that the point of romance anyway?

I have every faith in you that you know your lover so well that you can come up with unique ideas tailored to your loved one. However, if you feel you need help, no worries. I’m including some romantic ideas for you.

They are:
1. Write a love note and place it in their wallet, briefcase, a book being read, etc. Someplace specific to them. You get the idea, right?
2. Unplug the computer and the tv and place a picture of you on each item with a note that reads, “Turn me on instead.”
3. Do a chore for your partner without being asked. For example, if your partner always washes the dishes after dinner beat them to it. After all, your partner is special to you and deserves a reprieve.
4. Place their favorite flower on the windshield of their car.
5. Buy the book, sweater, wallet, or tie that they have been wanting. (Any small item that they have been wanting but haven’t bought.) Take the time to do a five-star wrap job, after all, presentation is half the gift.
6. Give a passionate kiss up against the wall, your bodies close.
7. Before bed, go outside together and make a wish on a star.
8. Play some romantic music during dinner or when going to bed.
9. Order your favorite take out and eat it in bed.
10. Every day tell your partner you love him/her in a different language. After 30 days (or more if you want) say, “You mean the world to me.”

Romance doesn’t have to be saved for a special occasion like birthdays or Valentine’s Day, nor should it be. In fact, if you ask most people, they will agree that random acts of romance on a non-traditional day are more meaningful.

So get your mojo going and be your Romeo to her Juliette or vice-versa.

What are the most romantic gestures you’ve made to your loved one?



Find 30 minutes of romance in short stories

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What do you do for romance for yourself or your lover?


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